Post-Production Captioning

The post-production process at HRI is simple and easy!

HRI provides captions for video content, ensuring equal access for the viewer and understanding of the creator’s message by a far larger audience. Our experienced team knows all the technical aspects of creating highly accurate, quality captioned videos.

The post-production process at HRI is simple and easy!

Just send us a video (MP4) or a link (YouTube or Vimeo)

We will return a bundle of three files: a verbatim transcript, formatted caption files (.SRT/.webVTT), and an open-captioned video -- all within your requested turnaround time!

These open-captioned videos are burned or integrated into a frame beneath the video, which prevents covering of captions.

Our post-production captioning staff are real human beings who have mastered their craft and whose writing accuracy exceeds 99%.

We do NOT use speech recognition or automatic syncing software to create captioned videos. We understand that quality captioning begins with accurate transcription by experienced captioners.

It ends with accurate syncing by a human being who knows accessibility requirements and syncs text to video in a logical, approved, and readable format for the end user.

Open-captioned video examples:


Our passion is to make a difference in people’s lives through our CART services. We are dedicated to providing the quickest, most accurate captioning services at affordable rates.

HRI-CART is a family-owned company that offers CART services with a difference for many reasons.

  • Trained professional captioners

  • 100% human captioning delivery

  • 35+ years of experience

  • Subject-matter expertise

  • Nationally certified

Whether you need captions for live streams or pre-recorded video,
the experienced team at HRI-CART can accommodate.

Our team is happy to work with you in pinpointing the service that makes the most sense for you.