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HRI-CART is a local, family-owned company providing CART captioning, transcription, and post-production captioning at economical rates. Our team of highly skilled professionals had many years of experience in the legal field before moving into the CART field.

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Gayl Hardeman


Gayl Hardeman earned her BA from the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. While studying to become a court reporter, she taught high-school English for two years. In 1976, she began working at Independent Reporting Service, became a partner. Within two years, she expanded the firm from three reporters to ten reporters.

In 1977, she began a court reporting and notereading school. In 1978, she authored a book titled “GHK Notereading: 12 Weeks to a Career”. In 1980, she received the Frank Sarli Distinguished Service Award from the President of the Florida Court Reporters Association for her efforts in reporter education.

In 1992, Gayl started her CART career, and worked with many organizations such as ALDA, SHHH (HLAA), and the Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Her commitment to training court reporters for CART earned her yet another award – the Jane Griffin Distinguished Service Award from the Massachusetts Court Reporters Association.

In 1995, Gayl joined AmeriCaption, and in 1998, she established Hardeman Realtime Inc providing on-site and remote CART, software and real time training, and freelance real time reporting services.

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