Live CART Captioning Services

We Provide Greater Access to Meetings, Classes, and Events for Everyone Through Quality Captioning Services.

Whether you’re an individual who is hard of hearing or a presenter needing to make a presentation more accessible, CART services are the right solution.

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Live Captioning Services

When attending a lecture, meeting, or event, live captioning is the best solution for deaf or hard-of-hearing participants. Providing this service to your audience is also the best way to engage them and deliver your message to everyone everywhere.

For Individuals:
For Businesses, Government, and Nonprofits:
For Universities, Colleges, K-12 Schools:

Our live captioning integrates directly
with leading lecture capture and streaming media platforms.

Communication Access Realtime Text (CART)

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) transforms live speech into real-time word-for-word text so anyone can read and follow along from anywhere. The experienced CART specialists at Hardeman Realtime Inc provide the very best captioning services at affordable rates.

Accurate and reliable verbatim captioning is vital for any participant to ensure they receive the correct information. Our CART specialists work with a wide range of clientele including STEM and medical so you know the displayed information is accurate.

Remote CART captioning is the preferred method for providing captioning in most environments. Our captioners listen to a live event and the captions appear on your screen only 2-3 seconds later.


Our team is highly trained in these academic areas so we can assure flawless transcriptions.


Our passion is to make a difference in people’s lives through our CART services. We are dedicated to providing the quickest, most accurate captioning services at affordable rates.

HRI-CART is a family-owned company that offers CART services with a difference for many reasons.

  • Trained professional captioners

  • 100% human captioning delivery

  • 35+ years of experience

  • Subject-matter expertise

  • Nationally certified

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