Enhance Accessibility with Realtime (CART) Captioning Services

We Provide Greater Access to Meetings, Classes, and Events for Everyone Through Quality Captioning Services.

At HRI-CART, we specialize in Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) services, ensuring inclusive access to various events like meetings, classes, and more. Our realtime captioning services are perfect for individuals with hearing difficulties and presenters aiming to boost accessibility. Experience our CART services firsthand with a live demo or virtual consultation for your next event​​

CART Services: Bridging Communication Gaps

Realtime captioning is essential for engaging deaf or hard-of-hearing participants in lectures, meetings, and events. HRI-CART’s CART captions service reaches every member of your audience, ensuring no message is missed. We cater to:

For Individuals:
For Businesses, Government, and Nonprofits:
For Universities, Colleges, K-12 Schools:

Seamless Integration with Media Platforms

Our CART services effortlessly integrate with leading lecture capture and streaming media platforms, providing a smooth and cohesive experience

Realtime Captioning Expertise at HRI-CART

Our CART captions translate live speech into immediate, accurate text. With a team skilled in various academic fields, including STEM and medical, we guarantee precision. Remote CART is our go-to method, offering captions with minimal delay. Trust our experienced CART specialists for reliable, affordable captioning solutions​​

Accurate and reliable verbatim captioning is vital for any participant to ensure they receive the correct information. Our CART specialists work with a wide range of clientele including STEM and medical so you know the displayed information is accurate.

Remote CART captioning is the preferred method for providing captioning in most environments. Our captioners listen to a live event and the captions appear on your screen only 2-3 seconds later.


Our team is highly trained in these academic areas so we can assure flawless transcriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are CART Services?

CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) services convert live speech into real-time text, aiding deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals in following verbal communications during various events.

Why Choose HRI-CART for CART Services?

HRI-CART offers professional, human-powered captioning, extensive experience, subject-matter expertise, and a commitment to accuracy and affordability.

How Do Realtime Captioning Services Work?

Realtime captioning involves the instant transcription of spoken words into text, displayed on a screen with a minimal delay, usually 2-3 seconds.

Can CART Services Integrate with Existing Media Platforms?

Yes, HRI-CART’s CART services seamlessly integrate with leading lecture capture and streaming media platforms.

Who Benefits from CART Captions?

CART captions are beneficial for individuals with hearing impairments, attendees at academic institutions, businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, and any event where inclusivity is key.

Choose HRI-CART for Unmatched CART Services

Driven by our commitment to making a difference, HRI-CART offers rapid, precise CART services. As a family-owned enterprise, we pride ourselves on:

  • Professional, trained captioners.
  • Exclusively human-powered captioning.
  • Over 35 years of industry experience.
  • Expertise in specific subject matters.
  • National certification

Ready for Your Next Event?

Equip your next speaking engagement, webinar, or presentation with top-tier CART services and realtime captioning from HRI-CART. Contact us for a complimentary quote today