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Court Reporting . . . Plus!

All HRI stenographers began their professional careers as Court Reporters, acquiring substantial experience in both civil and criminal court. Most went on to work as freelance writers in a wide array of medical, technical, contractual, and patent areas. HRI accepts litigation-reporting referrals from local or national court reporting agencies who need a Certified Realtime Reporter for certain jobs. And "realtime" means "fast". If time is a factor and you need a "draft" copy of a deposition on a rush basis, we have the skills and the team to deliver.

But there is more! Our expertise and skill as CART Providers allows us to meet the special needs of your hearing-impaired clients and deponents.

We also have Certified Legal Video Specialists who can synchronize text to video and deliver video of testimony on DVD.

CART in Legal Settings: Find out more: CART is an auxiliary service under the ADA for people with hearing loss who need to have communication delivered by speech-to-text display rather than by Sign Language interpretation. Please see this link for information about CART in the Courtroom - Model Guidelines.


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