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Video Captioning

Do you or your organization have the need to share videos on the web, or maybe via DVD? We can help! HRI's team of professionals can caption your video presentation content and synchronize the text perfectly with your video. This can be very helpful in achieving the goals of your communication plan by reaching more people . . . including those with hearing loss or those for whom English is a second language.

Captioning is essential for organizations with active ADA compliance requirements.

We can provide captions for your events using StreamText, Blackboard Collaborate (f/k/a Elluminate), Adobe Connect Pro, WebEx Event Center, or Google Hangouts, and the list of platforms we use is growing. You may view our StreamText events on iPhone, iPad, or Blackberry (OS 4.6 or higher)

For a Sample of our Searchable Captions, click here .

With the help of HRI, you can greatly enhance the range of your message. Contact us and we'll show you how.


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