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Auxiliary Services

HRI offers a full range of auxiliary support services, including Scoping", Proofreading, Transcription, and C-Print services.

Calling busy court reporters! Do you have a heavy workload or just want to boost your earning potential? Let HRI’s scoping team free you from some of that post-deposition or post-trial drudgery by becoming your scoping partner. Having an ongoing relationship with a good scopist makes you a cleaner writer, makes more efficient use of your time and frees you to take additional jobs, ultimately creating more income for you.

Having a second set of eyes - eyes which belong to a person knowledgeable in punctuating bad grammar and real speech - is imperative to professional transcript preparation. No one should proof his/her own transcript

A video without captioning is a violation of laws pertaining to equal access of communication. We transcribe and sync videos to You Tube; we prepare Power Point narration transcripts. We transcribe everything we can hear clearly.

A C-Print captionist uses keyboard expansion software on a laptop to deliver summarization of lectures and presentation in real time. Preferred by individuals who need excellent, full notes of a proceeding. We have experienced C-Print providers at your service.

Your needs may vary, or course, so call us to discuss them. We will tailor a program just for you or your organization.


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