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HRI offers a wide variety of professional services, including onsite and remote CART, post-production video captioning, proofreading, and transcription services...and much more.

The HRI team is comprised of a dynamic alliance of certified, seasoned CART providers, all of whom have experience in healthcare, legal, academic, technical, legislative, corporate, support group and personnel settings. There is little that this team of professionals has not handled.

Let HRI demonstrate how they can collaborate with you to meet your unique needs.


 Remote CART

 Onsite CART

 Video Captioning

 Court Reporting

 Auxiliary Services

If you have a professional event, educational event, or personal need, we can help. For pricing and other information, please contact us right away. Be sure to include the date and time of your event and the venue.


What People Are Saying

"The praise for your writers' work could not have been any higher - fabulous! What you do is beyond impressive. When people realized CART was on the screen, a noticeable number of folks moved over to that side of the house!"

Climate Change
Conference Attendee

"Thank you for all the transcripts this semester. I got an A!!!

Thomas Wankum, Student


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